Emergency clinics for humans and puppies!!! Two questions.

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Are emergency clinic wait time really that long?

My puppy (3mo beagle hound mix) was acting extremely concerning and a family member took him to the clinic and wait THREE HOURS and left the clinic to go another one to wait ANOTHER HOUR only to find out they were in a towing area by accident. They had to pay the man $100 to drop the car from towing and immediately drove to the (human) hospital when they found out that another immediate member was also in the ER from blacking out and being unconscious for 15 seconds. It’s been a rough night for everybody. We all went home around 2am and now I’m back up, taking care of my pup (just watching him eat grass and monitoring his behavior)

He couldn’t hold in water and vomited all of his food. He got a hold of foam and chewed on that so i don’t know that’s what’s causing all his trouble.

What can do in the meantime until I can take him to the clinic?

puppy tax Milo means the world to me even though I only had him for about a month now.

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