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My 4 month old lab used to scarf down her food immediately in the morning and night. She would even run out of her cage in the morning to try and eat out of our other dogs bowl before we could scoop it up. Lately (the last 2 days) she has not been very interested in her kibble. If I leave it down long enough she will eventually eat it, but not at all like she used too. I think she is starting to lose her teeth, could this cause her to be less interested in her kibble? She is still using the bathroom normally, and drinking water. She does appear slightly more tired but I attributed that to a day at the dog park/grandmas. If it keeps up I plan to get her checked at the vet just in case, but could it just be she is bored of her kibble? It’s towards the end of the bag now, and she will still eagerly take her milk home treats if offered. Any suggestions are welcome!

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