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First time posting here and if this isn't allowed please let me know… So recently we had some landscaping outside. We do not have yard waste pick up and typically burn what we can. The problem is recently we've had some rain making burning impossible. Some of the clippings have turned to mush… which is apparently irresistible to all 3 of my dogs. We have done very smelly dogs and 2 puking in the middle of the night episodes (joy, right?)

We are working on a better solution for the pile of clippings but does anyone have any advice? I'm thinking about trying to put something on it so they will be just as grossed out as I am. Some strong smell or taste to make them avoid it? I don't to make them sick. In the past, I've used bitter apple to get dogs to avoid chewing furniture but I don't have any and I'm not sure that would be the best solution.

Any creative ideas for a temp solution until we fix the problem?

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