Dwayne Johnson meets Michigan boy who employed’ San Andreas’ CPR tips to save drowning friend

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson met a Michigan boy who is being hailed as a hero for saving his toddler friend from drowning by use abilities he learned from watching one of the actor’s films.

Last month, 10 -year-old Jacob O’Connor rescued his 2-year-old friend Gavin from the family swimming pool at their home in Roseville, according to MLive Michigan. After spotting him face down in the irrigate, Jacob climbed into action, drawing him out and doing CPR and chest tightens — like he’d ensure Johnson’s character do on his daughter in the 2015 movie “San Andreas.”

In an August 25 Instagram post, Johnson shared Jacob’s story. “I’m so perplexed and impressed by this little 10 -year-old boy’s heroic activities and calm inclinations in the middle of that kind of emergency distress, ” he wrote. “I now need to shake young Jacob’s hand.”


And Tuesday, Jacob and his family congregated Johnson on the Vancouver set of his new movie “Skyscraper.” Johnson shared a video to Instagram Tuesday of the encounter.

“He’s such a smart minor, ” Johnson said in the time. “I just want to say so proud of you, such an honour gratify this kid.”

In the post’s caption, he pointed out Jacob’s shirt, which had a photo of Johnson holding his two puppies after saving them from submerge in a pool.

“Seeing that draw on this boy’s shirt got me in the gut, ” he wrote. “This 10 year age-old kid had a middle big enough to made our puppies on his shirt after he saved his little 2-year-old brother’s life.”

“I appreciate you buddy — thank you, ” Johnson said. “And I speak on behalf of the world: We’re so proud of you.”

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