Dutch Shepherd mix still submissive/excited pees

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Last March, we adopted a 13 month old Dutch Shepherd mix. We adopted her from a very kind family who had a farm but could not keep her. They mentioned that she did this originally, but it had virtually stopped. By originally, they adopted her when she was 4-5 months old from an unknown situation where the puppies were kept at a junkyard and may or may not have been abused.

Raven is an intensely smart, loving dog. We board trained her with a vetted trainer for ten days and it was amazing the skills she picked up. He said she was one of the smartest dogs he'd worked with in a while but she was VERY easily distracted. We find this to be the case… especially with birds/squirrels, etc. It is very difficult to break her attention from her prey drive.

Since we got her, anytime she is very excited…like us coming home from work …she pees. Also, anytime she gets very submissive/thinks she's in trouble she will squat walk and dribble. I have a degree in zoology and understand the role of submissive urinating in a pack mentality. Here's the issue: she now only submissive pees around me, her "dad". She has stopped with her mom. I've never hit her or abused her in any way. I have been more stern vocally with her when correcting her or trying to break her attention. I am at a loss. The reason I'm posting this is I just got out of bed to go get some water. The dog sleeps wherever she wants and was in the room adjoining the kitchen. It was dark but very sweetly I said "doggo come get some pets" and called her over. As she got near…squat walk and peeing. There was absolutely zero indication/need for her to even consider being submissive. She's don't that 20 times before with no peeing.

What am I doing wrong?!?

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