Droplet of BLOOD in poop

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Hey there! I am a first time dog owner, dad to Johnny Sins, a cute 10 week old Golden Retriever Pup. We got him 2 weeks back and on the first day home he started defecating bloody stools ableit droplets only. I brought him to a vet and got him on antibiotics, and after a week the pup was perfectly fine. After one more week I was cleaning up his shit today and I noticed a single drop of blood alongside the normal coloured but slightly soft poop. And right now when he awoke from his afternoon slumber, he took another relatively soft shit, blood-free, but during his final excretion from his anus a droplet of blood came out. Any idea what this could be? I think I might just change my vet since the blood droplet came back? Thanks a lot in advance.

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