Doubting trainer’s story: Advice needed

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Hi All,

We got our 10 week old goldendoodle puppy from a breeder and he spent a week with a trainer before coming to us. The trainer gave us some updates on his behavior that I'm having trouble believing. The biggest one is that she said that he would sleep through the night in his crate and never had an accident. Everything I've read says that there's basically no way a puppy that age can hold it all night.

Our experience has been different. He came to us late Monday night and let's just say that was a disaster. We put him in his crate and tried to let him bark it out. He did for 2-3 hours before I took him out to try to get him to potty. He didn't, so I put him back in. He barked mostly non stop again, until my wife checked on him. He had shat in his crate. She cleaned him up and stayed with him for a couple hours before I took over.

We weren't too concerned because he was way off schedule after a long car ride and it was a new place.

Tuesday we followed her schedule religiously. We kept him in his crate for naptime and he did better. Barked/whined for 10 minutes before settling. No accidents during the day and we had a pee and poop an hour before bed. He settled after 10-15 minutes and went to sleep. Around 3-4 hours later he started barking. I got up to let him our but he had already peed.

Basically, I'm suspicious that she put him in a crate in a place that she couldn't hear through the night and he peed. She either didn't notice in the morning or didn't care. Any thoughts?

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