Double Dick Dude shares the literal ins and outs of his anatomy–and more!

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As I open the file of a Skype interview with a soul who has two penis, I notice that the recording application automatically saved it as incoming from diphallicdude, and I chuckle because there is no possible way for me to avoid passing this into a euphemism.

Chatting with Double Dick Dude, who now prefers to go by Clark, experiments your maturity at the level of wordplay, and, as young adults female with the feeling of a 12 -year-old boy, I delivered with flying colors.

A couple of years ago, Clark came outon Reddit, and his Internet life, for better or worse, was inexorably changed.

After the attention he received that year, he self-published a short memoir, Double Header: My Life with Two Penis , which recounts his experience as a humanity with a uncommon congenital disorder called diphallia. In this volume, he includes references to a couple of sexual encounters, but it by no means extends the staggering come-drenched ground found in his second volume, Double Stuffed: Steamy Fables from My Sex Life with Two Penis , which boasts 21 copulation legends as only a gentleman with two penises could relate.


Liberated in January, Double Stuffed speaks like much clichd maudlin sex writingwith the exception of a diphallic humankind at its hub, and the knowledge that this humanity presumably, actually experienced the specific circumstances he recounts.

Many of the stories1 1 of which describe sexuality with men and 10 with womenI find nearly prodigious. How could person with two dicks happen into situations with other persons who likewise have interesting or strange thoughts happening with their bodies? Is it plainly a occasion of like alluring like?

In one tale, an older, erratic girl busts into the gas station shower where Clark is urinating, find his two dicks, and requests him to fuck her. Clark discovers that she has the epithet of any persons shes ever had sex with tattooed on her labia and above her pierced clit that she announces her pig; she refers to her popped-out cervix( that he fingers) as her animal snout.

In another story, Clark is trying to sleep in the first-class room of an airplane and an off-duty cabin crew recognizes one of his large dicks fall out from behind his covering. She approaches him, and he then culminates up thumbing the hole of her urethra, which is so large that he firstly corrects it for her pussy.

In perhaps the most ripped-from-porn anecdote in the succession, though, Clark beguiles a straight-identifying, innocent pizza-delivery guy, the cavort ending after the guy eats Clarks come from his own ass on a slice of a pizza.

In his Reddit AMA and in his first book, he describes having fornication with six other beings at the same time 😛 TAGEND

The physics of a 7 party orgy arent difficult and challenging when you have a person with two dicks. The information of the matter is everyone purposed up being fucked by everyone at one point during the night. It was when I was journeying Guys 1 and 3 when Girls 1 and 2 faced each other and managed to get my cocks in their pussies. It didnt take much effort to get Guy 2 and Girl 3 to get on the couch over my appearance and fucking while I ate them both out .

Clark is the first to admit that his life and many of these meetings are nearly fantastical. Ive been blown away by some of the people Ive met and had sexual activity with, ” Clark tells the Daily Dot. “There have been a number of parties that completely sickened the crap out of me…I usually know how people will react to meIm not generally the shocked one.”

Summarize Clarks life in one word, and that message is excess: In addition to his additional penis, Clark also has a very large prostate. Whereas the prostates of most men are the size of walnuts, his is the size of a lemon.

In order to avoid distressing urinary complications, he had to learn how to milk his prostate at an early age. This medically necessary prostate massage has led him to experiment over the years with larger and larger objectives to aid in his manual milking, creating an extremely loose asshole( and anextremely NSFW pic) that he was able to turn inside-out whenever he wants.

You is likely to be park a bus in it and set it into a reverse a few items and I probably wouldnt even know it, he pronounced. Clark admittedly adoration his asshole and amply accepts the possibility of complications further down the road. My doctor said to me that the only season theres a risk for major complications is if I develop the inability to keep the inside of my colon and everything inside my body.

You could probably park a bus in it and put it into a alter a few parts and I possibly wouldnt even is well aware, Double Dick Dude said about his butthole.

If Clark gets to the point where this happens, he may need to have a surgery to disconnect his anal treatise and remove plethora tissue, which may require an auxiliary device post-surgery. Clark clarifies to the Daily Dot, Believe me, I am not not naive or naive to the fact that through the past 10 to 12 times, what Ive been doing has been medically damaging my bodyIm well informed that. But tell the people who chain smoke youre gonna have a very high-risk cancer if you dont quit smoking, and theyre gonna look at you like, ‘No kidding.’ You tell people who drink a lot that theyre killing brain cells and might end up with cirrhosis of the liver, well, duh. We all know that some of the things we experience doing could have negative impacts in the future.

This idea of extravagance is no other stuff that attains his sex chronicles seem plausiblethat his torso, be decided upon by excess, could allure other collections of excess, even if a potential collaborator isnt well informed his two dicks until hes de-robed.

Ill level with yallI acquired it very difficult to read these preferably clichd( aside from the two-dicks portion !) sexual fibs. I was overwhelmed, and as an unashamed envier of the penis, this feeling redoubled (!) while I was speaking through his escapades.

And hitherto despite their corniness, I was slightly aroused by his fibs( more with the ones with boys than females, because more penises, I suspect ?). I was also at the heat of my menstrual cycle, so pummeling( yeah yeah yeah) through these fibs in one weekend( for journalism !) merely pointed up being an intense experience that had me re-examining my own virility as well as de-stigmatizing some sexual congress that I thought were largely reserved to the realm of esoterically sexual pornography: material like foreskin stretching, asshole stretching, long/ large-scale/ thick/ leathery labia romp, cervix performance, prolapses, fisting assholes and pussies, and doubled/ triple/ plus piercings.( Clark does issue a warning at the beginning of this volume, that if the aforementioned plays are not your cup of tea, … so why are you even reading THIS much ?!)

In fact, while writing this portion, I had more tribulation than customary editing down what I would include. How does one choose what to write about a follower with two penises that hasnt already beencovered? How does one manage the excessive contents of an excess husband?

When I interviewed Clark via Skype, we chit-chat for nearly four hours( sadly, my app exclusively entered the first 2.5 hours of our conversationyou can to listen to it on my podcast about organizations, The BodPod ). I was devastated with content about Clark. On the one side, I wanted to talk at length about his two penis; on the other, I wanted to find out who he was when he wasnt Double Dick Dude.

Of all things, his biggest anxiety is either finding out there is a paradise and that hes not allowed into the party or going stomped on by an elephant.

Throughout his books and our interview, it was clear that he quality body positivity, something attractive( self-described, due to his anonymity ), affluent grey males likely dont often consider. He had his first know-how of find dehumanized by a pop-culture representation of his mas after watching an episode of 2 Broke Girls that aired in January.

In the escapade, one of the female characters goes on got a couple of times with a husband “whos had” two penises and is eventually humiliated for his position and used as a punchline. Clark knew this image spiteful and wrote a interminable op-ed in which he addresses his objections( which you can speak in its entirety here ).

Don’t get me wrong, humor is comedy and…I’ve stayed some really bad parodies in a number of interviews, ” he told the Daily Dot. “I’m a good play and I can play hard with the large-hearted boys. This was different. This was represent. This was heartless and brutal. You can be entertaining without being unkind; you can be entertaining without being funny at the expense of a reputation who really represents a small fraction of culture. You can be amusing about a situation without dehumanizing a reference who is a human.

Though he does find levity given the fact of his form and its excess, it is important that he has some modicum of dominate over it.

In January of last year, Clark had surgery to remove the suspensory ligamentthe muscle that helps a penis stand up straightbecause it was justification him suffering and annoyance. Before surgery, his penis were not particularly large and one of them sort of persisted out on the side( NSFW pic ). Once this ligament was removed, his penis descent down, establishing two much larger symmetrical penis( NSFW pic ). Post-surgery, Clark enjoyed the ogle of his new two dicks so much better that he ended he wanted the rest of his organization to matchthat is, he wanted them to look as nice for him as his two dicks. As a answer, he frequents the gym and has attained the atmosphere organization on the embrace of his second notebook.

Clark espouses everything about his bodyfrom his two dicks to his stretched-out assholeand candidly, I noticed his candor about his body refreshing. He was joyful and open and honest about his experiences, and I eventually noted myself find less queasy about the idea of certain sex acts and more employed with the notion of the room mass inform who we become. He had me thinking more about the capabilities of the organizations and how they can adapt and stand is in accordance with biology and environment; how even when we assert that “were not going” our figures, we are still profoundly of them.

When Clark isnt Double Dick Dude, his identity is pretty obliterate, something he purposely ensures. He did communicate a few cases nondick-related realities: His favorite hue is blue-blooded; he really likes puppies and facilitating old madams cross the street; his biggest suspicion is either finding out there is a heaven and that hes not allowed into the party or going stomped on by an elephant.

For Clark, it is absolutely paramount that he remains anonymous because of the attention he would be sure to receive if he were recognizable. When asked if he thinks its conceivable to expressed the view that hell never be discovered, he insists his confidence in the people hes hired to secure his identity online and such relationships he has with people who are adamant about not exposing him.

In fact, Clark seems to relish the experience of a doubled identity, is necessary for his doubled penis, by equating himself to his namesake, Clark Kent/ Superman.( Which manufactures me ponder, if anatomy is destiny, what the fuck is Freud say about the doubled identity route of a person with two great, serving penises and a blown-out asshole ?)

One evening on the subway after his Reddit AMA in 2014, Clark glanced over to see parties sharing pictures of his cocks and the conception came to him: This must be what its like when Clark Kent identifies Superman manufacturing headlines. The crux of the superhero identity is that of a double reality, this is something that similarity is not without merit.

Indeed, a comic book about his life is set to be released by Class Comics, a publisher of principally gay erotica. But Clark will not be drawn as a superhero in this comic bookthe publisher felt that his experiences were fantastical enough to illustrate, something with which I deeply concur.

His main concern with the publishers potential therapy of their own lives? That the artists wont show ALL of his body parts accurately. But the thirsty, speaking public can rest easy because Clark has been assured that his asshole “wouldve been” represented as the monstrou, loose, cherry-red cavern that it has come to be. Thank God for that.

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