Dont give up! We had the worst puppy blues and we got over it, its so worth it!

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Hello everyone.

I just want to tell you our Story and help people struggling with puppy blues.

We got Barnie when he was 8 Weeks old, i took 2 weeks off from work and my gf was unemployed at that time. The feeling of a cute and playful puppy went away after the first day lol. Regrets got bigger with everyday, he needed to pee like every 30min, was biting us and our interior non stop and just couldnt be quite. Going out with him was no fun because he wouldt constantly pull the leash.. it felt like we are just not good enough to raise him

My gilfriend was crying everyday after 3 weeks because it was so much stress for her, i was at the office for 8 hours a day and it felt like vacation… she wanted to give him away and felt zero bonding with our pup, but she also felt guilty doing this to him. I was able to convince her to stay strong, i was also very close to giving up but this subreddit kept me strong.

He is now 7Month old and it was all sooooo worth it. We cant think about a life without Barnie now! He is giving us so much love and joy. He is not biting us anymore, is listening to commands, does not pee at home anymore and sleeps alot during the day. We can even let him alone at home for 6+ hours and he is not destroying anything or peeing at home and we dont even use a crate, he is allowed to free roam in the house!

Always think its just a couple of month, it wiill get better 100% and you would regret not staying strong! I found my best friend in Barnie and that is something i would have never thought 5months ago. Now im looking forward to adolescence xD

If you have any specific questions just ask!

Puppy Tax:

His first day with us

Spawn of Satan sleeping like a Angel, still 8weeks old

And this is Barnie Today!

Hello Reddit 🙂

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