Don’t forget to check Tinder during the Super Bowl–for puppies

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The Super Bowl is a storied American sporting habit, but for those who favor the cute and cuddly to the brutish and burly, there’s the Puppy Bowl. For the uninitiated, the Puppy Bowl is Animal Planet’s pet-friendly alternative to jocks shedding around the old-fashioned pigskin; puppies play on a small astroturf football field replica.

This year, you can do more than just watch puppies, though–you can actually used to help out by swiping on Tinder.

Thanks to a partnership between Tinder, Pledgeling, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals( ASPCA ), Tinder users will not only visualize human competitions in the app; they’ll read cute puppies, more. The puppies forming the cast of Sunday’s Puppy Bowl each have their own profile in the app, which will be running now through Sunday.

When you swipe right on one of the following options profiles, you’ll be directed to the ASPCA. There, you can make a donation to help the real-life swine in need find their forever homes. On the donation sheet, you can see what your monetary subscription means to the ASPCA in terms of snacks for a rescued hound. For illustration,$ 5 affords one week of food, while $120 renders six months merit of meals.

If you don’t have Tinder but still wishes to make a Puppy Bowl-centric donation, you can also text PUPPY to 707070. Or you can psyche to the ASPCA website here and make a donation anytime you feel like it–because you don’t really involve a kitschy commerce campaign to do some good for the swine of the world.

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