Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs

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Even dogs fall short. A funny collection video clip of dogs stopping working.

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75 thoughts on “Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs

    1. Hang Out with Malorn

      Because it’s easier to clean urine on wooden floors. Obviously you just
      train it not to but it’s better to have the wood just in case.

    2. Xploding-turtle

      dmagin777 because if i already live in a house with wood floors, im not
      gonna move or change my floor if i want a dog

  1. Ikeaman6

    Dogs are better than cats. If you ever have a pet cat you wont even see it
    half the time because its too busy shitting in next doors garden.

    1. Julio César García Mendiola

      Regal, mate, you fucking killed her. The savagery is so strong even I feel
      bad for her now. What a fucking nuke!

    2. Twenty One Crybaby Mixers

      Regal Johnston WOW. Omg, okay. You wasted time writing al this. But you
      just could say: ‘Go away, this was a sarcastic joke’ But congratulations,
      you poor thing just wasted time.

  2. ChocolateCake

    Oh sure,when a dog fails at being a dog it’s cute and everyone laughs but
    when I fail at being a human I get life in prison.

    1. Regal Johnston

      Agreed, why I have to write this from jail during my 10 minute of internet
      time, just for shitting on my neighbours lawn I’ll never know.

    1. Railio Aj

      Edward Elrich it wasn’t a pug with a tennis ball it was a bull dog mix with
      a tennis ball. Sry I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE dogs so I research them and I have
      a big book about every dog in the whole world.

    1. lll

      Burak Erdoğan plus people make fun of people right in our eyes everyday too
      I get how some people don’t like this video

    1. lll

      WolfieLicius there aren’t abusing the animals abusing the animals mean
      hitting them on purpose not by accident did one human hand hit the dog?????
      and plus people get abused by other people too

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