Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs


Even dogs fall short. A funny collection video clip of dogs stopping working.

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  1. Dogs are better than cats. If you ever have a pet cat you wont even see it
    half the time because its too busy shitting in next doors garden.

    • Regal, mate, you fucking killed her. The savagery is so strong even I feel
      bad for her now. What a fucking nuke!

    • Regal Johnston WOW. Omg, okay. You wasted time writing al this. But you
      just could say: ‘Go away, this was a sarcastic joke’ But congratulations,
      you poor thing just wasted time.

  2. Oh sure,when a dog fails at being a dog it’s cute and everyone laughs but
    when I fail at being a human I get life in prison.


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