80 thoughts on “Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation 2012

  1. terry the king of dinos

    videos like these make me so happy and also make me remember the good time
    I had with my dog before he died

  2. WisdomFall

    I came home after 2 years and my cat looked at me like “what’s this dumbass
    doing here again, I thought he left.”

    1. AGuyOfManySurpises _withCloroxBleachJustInCase

      Its the sniper nah You don’t have to imagine this one. So a guy comes home
      after 5 years and greets cat. Cat looks at him like”oh he’s back I thought
      this boy left”

    1. Creedz

      +Star Destroyer342 i agree with you but its just that they are so kind to
      us and sometimes we dont respect that. We just take that for granted

    1. Twenty One Howells

      Colson Abel I was gone for 3 weeks and when I came home my 2 cats did the
      exact same thing as these dogs.

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