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Image caption The Dogs Trust said necessitate had grown for some reproduces

More than 100 puppies ought to have clutched at Kent’s Channel ports in three months, stimulating asks from the Dogs Trust for more enforcement.

The charity, which has been funding the care and quarantine of illegally-landed puppies since December, said 150 had been confiscated and it had rehomed 94.

Government minister George Eustice, who results the Animal and Plant Health Agency, said parties were being caught.

Defending enforcement, he said an intelligent-led approach was working.

He just said government fleshes presented 108 puppies had been impounded since 2 December.

The Dogs Trust has reported increases in puppy smuggling and said demand had grown for decorator reproduces, such as Pugs, Dachshunds and French Bulldogs.

Adam Levy, from the charity’s Canterbury branch, called for the age limit for any puppies brought into the country to be raised to six months, to avoid minuscule swine being transported and also make it easier to recognize breeds.

He too called for increased resources and more checks at the border.

The trust has urged customers carried out under checks before buying a puppy.

Mr Eustice said: “A small number of dishonest vets were questioning fraudulent paperwork and our veterinary patrolmen wrote to governments in those other European countries to raise the alarm.

“There’s another separate problem which we’re starting to pick up which is we may have some puppies being brought in where nobody’s get the paperwork at all.”

Mr Eustice said checks were carried at their own borders and officials were always available.

He said: “I believe actually there’s a relatively small number of merchants that are returning these puppies in but you only need a small number to create quite a lot of puppies across the border.

“If we are in a position have an intelligence-led approaching, identify those people, wreaking them to justice, we’ll be able to tackle this problem.”

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