Bird-dogs transformed into works of art at extreme grooming tournament

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Dogs are being transformed into works of art at extreme pet-grooming challengers across the country.

From Finding Nemo to incredible robotic puppies, these phenomenal mortals couldn’t appear more different from their former canine-selves.

Photographer Ren Netherland, 56, from Clearwater, Fla ., has dedicated the past 20 years to documenting the pet-pimping phenomenon, where winners bag medals of over $5,000.

I adoration experiencing what these groomers can do, ” he articulated. “When they start, I have no clue what the dog will be, but “where theyre” done, its breathtaking.”


These groomers are so talented, ” he included. “Imagine trying to cut a carve into wool while the subject is moving.”

Netherland says he considering the groomers true-blue artists.

Show me an artist that can cover, color, cut and trimmings, while the canvas is moving, and Ill indicate you a dog groomer that emulates in Creative Grooming.

A regular artist couldnt do this. These creative competition groomers can take many hours to terminated. Those hours are spread over a long time period.”

He added: The innovative hounds I photograph at train establishes have approximately two to two and a half hours to cut a design into a puppies coat.[ The coat] was colored hours, eras, or a month ago.

The groomers work on thriving out the “hairs-breadth” on these puppies for months. During that time they are trying different ideas out.


After two years of hitting marries, prototypes and family likeness, Ren decided to turn his attention to domesticateds. He claims they are easier to work with than people.

Ren worked on his photography part-time until he left the Navy in 1985, and diverted it into his career.

Despite so much better make being used on these pets, Ren reassures that it is all safe.

All of the colors and emblazons are required to be pet safe, ” he enunciated. “All of them were designed for the pet.”

He also notes that if a groomer doesn’t acquire, “they will adjust their design and try again at the next testify, ” where they can astonish a whole new crowd.

Most of specific comments are of total surprise. Beings is participating in hours watching these bird-dogs being groomed merely to envision what they will be turned into.

Such articles originally appeared on The Sun .

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