Pups trained in Wales help fight rhino poaching in Africa – BBC News

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Media captionDogs trained in Wales are now working in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Dogs trained in Carmarthenshire are helping addressing the issue of carnage of rhinos and elephants by poachers in Africa.

Extremus Dog Training in St Clears works with kindnes Swine Saving Animals in the conservation effort.

It has seven bird-dogs in Africa and is improving puppies Badak, Murwi and Diego to join them.

Director Darren Priddle said: “Dogs are a massively-important part of preservation – they give a very good visual and physical deterrent.”

After 12 months of training in Wales, bird-dogs get further trained in Africa with Animals Saving Swine, which works with maintenance rangers.

The dogs wear body armour to help protect them from forearmed poachers and Mr Priddle said no dogs have been injured or killed on duty.

The war on elephants Mass slaughter of rhinos Killing poachers to safeguard rhinos Image caption The dogs run through inhale as part of their training

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