Dogs really hate bath time – Funny dog bathing compilation PART 2


Watch this funny pet cat video clip as well as you will certainly never ever leave your feline home alone once more:p.

Below's part 2 of our popular 'Pet dogs simply do not intend to bathroom' compilation. There'e a lot of brand-new videos with pet dogs that despise bath time but some of them also like showering;-RRB- We wish you like it, enjoy additionally video clips that are suggested at the end of compilation, like, share as well as SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. my dog doesnt do anything but just stand there
    he does try to escape he cant lol
    after my dogs bath he runs around like a high dog XD

  2. I hate seeing those little dogs growling. If it was a big dog doing that
    you’d say the dog has an anger problem. meanwhile big dogs get shot for
    wagging their tail and these little shits are growling at their owners and
    everyone’s all like “aww, how cute.” Fucking discipline your ratdogs!

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  4. 2:22 when your not in the mood to deal with your younger sibilings and you
    want to yell at them but mom and dad are right there

  5. What is it they dislike the most? Getting dried afterwards? Don’t they like
    running into the water when at the seaside??


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