Dogs Meets Owner After Long Time ★ TRY NOT TO CRY (HD) [Funny Pets]

Canines Satisfies Proprietor After Long period of time – Attempt not to CRY!
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91 thoughts on “Dogs Meets Owner After Long Time ★ TRY NOT TO CRY (HD) [Funny Pets]

  1. Gerald Christian Luna

    After a long time, do you mean the dog’s time or human’s time? Because in
    the dog world five minutes to them is like an eternity. Lol

    1. Daniel Gibson

      Not true when you say dog years that’s just to put into prospect how long
      there lives are not there perception of time

    2. DaIndieGodFather

      Gerald Christian Luna. My dogs reactions from when I get home from work vs
      just going to the market really quick are different though.

    1. Gun Runner

      886,554 Views. do you have german shepherd? mine acts like this if I close
      bathroom door for a moment. .ha. Sweet vid tho….our dogs are the best
      stress relief available.

    1. SeppyZn

      Doagae Porbeni

      Not if you treat your cat good, mine was always happy to see me when I got
      home from work, and/or gone for a week

    1. Seaventeares

      Speaking of wives and dogs: Q. What’s the difference between your dog
      scratching at the back door and your wife knocking at the front door? A.
      Your dog stops whining once you let it in.

    1. AlexMessingWithFriends and other things

      OsamaBinLaden ive made it my personal mission to try to make sure animal
      abusers NEVER have good luck, I have so many ways

    1. Midgetmoo's Adventures

      me too i cried when he died last year.he had shattered his skull by hitting
      the door really hard when he went to greet someone 🙁 i still cry thinking
      about him…

    1. Battle against a true Memez

      How long have you had your dog. Also, how do you treat it? Mine acts like
      this is I go outside and come back 1 minute later.

    1. Rosco Pico

      The American Wolf not really, the English language has a vast range of
      verbs, adjectives and nouns. Give it a try, you’ll find you can describe

    1. Steve Pants

      CarlaDaFox I treat it like my best friend. I give her my attention, I play
      with her, I do whatever is best for her. But still, They are little meanies

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