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Dogs kill lady acting court articles at Texas dwelling | Fox News

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One of the dogs clutched after an attack on the status of women at Texas home.( Austin Animal Protection)

Texas sovereignties remark a woman who went to a residence to dish court articles was killed when various loose pups criticized her.

The Travis County Sheriffs Office said the victim was Erin McClesky, a 36 -year-old process server from Austin who was serving civil newspapers, Fox 7 reported Thursday.

Deputies answered a custodian for the dogs received McCleskys body Wednesday night, several hours after she had gone to a home in Northeast Travis County.

There was no one at the members of this house expect for the dogs when she entered the owned, sheriffs bureau spokesman Roger Wade told the station.

Wade told the Austin American-Statesman the dogs’ proprietor perhaps wont be charged. If the homeowners not there and doesnt sic the dogs on them, I dont just knowing that indicts would be filed, he told the paper.

The paper reported that telephone number scheduled for the recipients of the property were undone and they could not be reached for comment.

Deputies said they impounded six pups that appear to be Lab/ Great Pyrenees and husky/ Australian cattles bird-dog mixes. They likewise observed 14 puppies who werent seized.

The Austin Animal Center is controlling the seized bird-dogs for rabies.

When the dogs are liberated from quarantine in 10 days, a Travis County judge will be used to determine their fate, Fox 7 reported.

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