Bird-dogs Before And After Their Haircuts( 16 Pics)

I am an animal photographer referred Grace Chon and these images are from my brand-new photo serial entitled HAIRY.

I’ve always acquired before and after photos from bird-dog grooming to be really funny. Generally it doesn’t even look like it’s the same bird-dog in each photo! I had the idea of killing a photo serial that spotlit this extreme translation. Each bird-dog led course beyond their normal train schedule to originate their whisker long and shaggy for the film. There’s something so funny to me about determining a bird-dog so shaggy that they can’t even witness! I craved the after photos fucking really extreme by showing a type of cut that’s uncommon to most of us here in the United States.

All the dogs ought to have groomed in a Japanese train style, which doesn’t follow the usual produce touchstone pieces and rules for grooming that we’re used to seeing. Rather, the emphasis is on becoming the dog look as adorable as is practicable- cute on steroids- by highlighting the uniquely cute the special characteristics of the dog. These pieces are works of art- each haircut takes hours as the majority of the styling is all done with handwriting scissoring. All the dogs in the serial were groomed by the improbably talented groomers from Healthy Spot in Los Angeles, CA. Many of the groomers there specialize in this style of cut and have been trained by lords from Japan. Hope you experience!

Biggie Smalls Before

Biggie Smalls After( grooming by Cameron Adkins)

Rocco Before

Rocco After( grooming by Patricia Sugihara)

Herman Before

Herman After( grooming by Cindy Reyes)

Raider Before

Raider After( grooming by Koko Fukaya)

Lana Before

Lana After( grooming by Koko Fukaya)

Athena Before

Athena After( grooming by Donna Owens)

Teddy Before

Teddy After( grooming by Donna Owens)

Yuki Before

Yuki After( grooming by Alyson Ogimachi)

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