Dogs are an Investment, not an Inconvenience

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Well, they can be inconvenient, like when they step in their poop on accident and then walk inside and then that’s a whole thing

Jokes aside- so many of us started out similar. We ran into a cute dog at the store, or our friends/family have an adorable playful pup, or we see instagrams of the cutest floofs- at some point we fell in love with the idea of getting a pup.

So then you contact the breeder, make the decision and boom! You anxiously await the new pup.

The first day is bliss (or maybe just the first few hours). He doesn’t make a peep, just melts in your arms. You swear to be the best dog mom or dad.

Then he pees on the carpet. its fine you think to yourself. Then he does it 4 more times within the next few hours and you are scurrying to google “potty training” or write a post on this sub.

She whines at night… spills her water bowl… barks during quiet times… bites and pees and bites… you are at wits end. And not to mention- they are expensive. Puppy blues sets in. You miss the quiet times and getting eight hours of sleep and eating without someone at your feet.

So many of the posts on this sub (including so many of my first!!) relate to these in some way. I am not nearly as experienced as some people here, I’ve had my pup for a few months. But in those two months there has been so much progress. Potty trained, crate trained, understands lights out =quiet, sits for food… all things that have improved our relationship immensely.

Your pup is an investment, not an inconvenience. They didn’t ask to live with you or have the life they have- you made that happen. Honor them by putting in the work during these first few years with training and love and you have a best friend for many more to come. This isn’t me sitting on my high horse either- my pup and I have a lot to work on. But it’s something I tell myself when I’m feeling frustrated!

We must retrain our minds to become patient and realize that this investment will take months to get to the dogs we know they can be.

Training classes, youtube videos, books- anything you can think of to better understand your pup. They will get there!! Be willing to put in the work.

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