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Labs are natural swimmers thanks to webbed paws, an otter-like tail as well as a water-resistant coat.


  1. I remember my family used to have a Labrador Retriever. Her name was Sasha.
    She actually had a big scar on one of her paws. I forgot exactly how she
    got it though. Maybe she hurt herself before we got her? I was to young to
    remember. She was very loving and playful too. Sadly, we had to give her to
    new owners so she could be happier and have a larger house and yard to play
    in. In fact, we’ve had many different dog breeds before. We once had a
    Dalmatian named Romeo. I’ll tell you something about Romeo. He was HYPER.
    As in he would run back and forth in the hallways of our house for no
    reason and make it hard for us to get in our rooms! I think we also gave
    Romeo away to a new owner as well. But I miss them both. :-)

  2. We had a labrador retriever, but I think she was part something else too
    because she has a curled tail like a Pomeranian.

  3. everyone seems to be talking about my dog, so this is my shihtz tzu
    <-------------------------- he got bit by a Rottweiler 1 month ago and that costed 1000$ in total to treat that (basically just a drain pipe).

  4. Should I get a Labrador? Or do you prefer some other dog for me?
    I am turning 12 on November 1st and I need a dog that is good for family,
    don’t shed so much (because I am kind of Hypoallergenic), good for a 50%
    active and 50% lazy family, my family doesn’t travel but we go on road
    trips on the weekends sometimes, and we have quite a small house (We have a
    small backyard, Not really a front yard but we live in a really big
    neighbourhood, the house is kind of small but it has a fair amount of
    space) and my brother and I go to school from 7:15 – 3:50 and my dad comes
    home quite late, sometimes early, just depends because he is a businessman
    and my mom is also but she stays home and controls the stuff from home, I
    have a 10 months old hamster named Bobby in my house, but I am just worried
    if the dog will eat my hamster..?

    Please help me choose a dog.
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Nia E Labrador are the best! I had one when i was younger and i bought one
      recently. they are very sweet and caring, easy to learn new tricks (i used
      to teach them when they were little to give me their paw before eating).
      but they Will need a lot of places to walk/run. so if you buy one make sure
      to walk with them a lot

    • they are super sweet and adaptable pets! They’re very active though so they
      do need exercise. My lab travels very well and can stay home alone for
      around 7-8 hours while my family is working and while I’m at school. I
      would be careful about your hamster though because I know my dog will eat
      anything in sight (like most labs). I’m not sure if their the best dog if
      your allergic because they shed A TON. hope this helps 🙂

    • There are some breeds that are good if your hypoallergenic but labs are not
      really one. There is a labradoddle which is a lab and a poddle mixed. There
      are other breeds as well its worth looking into so u don’t get one and have
      to get rid of it because of allergies.

  5. Good Thing I’ve saw this video 😀 So I can review the breed of my Dog (
    Cookie ThompSon ) Because he is a Labrador Retriever too 😉 Thank You for
    the information, Animal Planet 🙂 This video helped me so much! 😊

  6. Simply the best breed there is, they can handle anything from being dogs
    who work for a living to being homedogs. I have a lot of videos of my
    yellow labrador puppy on my channel!

  7. thats why its named a labrador…
    cause here in canada…
    they were first bred in Newfoundland and Labrador…

  8. We had a black lab for 10 1/2 years, back in May he developed a large tumor
    on his shoulder a few days later another one on his hip came and we sadly
    had to have him put down as he was unable to walk and was in pain. We still
    really miss him and are now looking for a new puppy and one we are looking
    at is a lab mix. Love the labs.


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