Doggy obedience school & homework finally paying off

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My 7 month Heinz 57 dog is truly the happiest, friendliest little puppy. We started obedience school 3 weeks ago and while she was just so happy to be there, she was not the best behaved little pup there. She was barking the whole class and not paying any attention to me! Glad that she loved the trainer so much, but she wouldn’t keep her eyes off her. While I know this is a tough age and classes are a sensory overload, just felt awful that she was the worst she’s ever been at these classes.

I worked HARD practicing her skills everyday, making her work for her food, and practicing her down and relax in distracting environments. Finally in her 3rd class she stopped the barking, focused on me during training, and was able to lay down and settle when the trainer was talking. The trainer could use her for examples and then I could refocus her on me afterwards. The trainer told us she knew we must’ve been really practicing and that she was so proud of how my pup was behaving.

In the thick of adolescence, hard days are so hard, but the moments where your pup makes such an improvements are soooo rewarding!!!

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