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Hey all, thanks for reading.

My dog won't get up with me in the morning, preferring to wait for signs of life from my GF. We take her for a walk at 8am and she used to be up and ready at the sound of the alarm. It was mostly my gf who walked the dog in the morning, though she'd be equally happy to go with me.

We used to walk her 4 times a day, 11PM at the latest. Some months back she started refusing to go, which meant we dialed back to walking her at 9pm. She was happy to go then. Now we walk her three times a day – 8am, 2pm and 8pm. She still won't get up, waiting for hours until my GF gets up. She shows no signs of discomfort or anxiety with holding her pee.

When she's up she doesn't really want to leave my GF, which leads me to believe it has something to do with their relationship. If I give her a meal in the morning she sometimes gets up, but then it's straight back to bed when she's finished.

There may be more contributing factors but I'm somewhat at a loss as to what goal this behaviour serves my dog. If she's happy with sleeping in late, that's fine, but I can't imagine going 14+ hours without a walk is healthy.

As with any sudden behavioral change I've consulted my vet. The dog had clogged glands which have been expressed, other than that she appears fine. Her poops are a bit soft ever since, though it's improving we're getting labwork done on it.

I might also note that when she does (finally) go with me, she's her happy self and enjoys playing and sniffing.

TLDR: dog won't get up til GF does. Have tried different schedules, doesn't give the desired effect. How can I get her to want to walk with me?

Any help or input is greatly appreciated!

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