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My six month old goldendoodle is driving me crazy this week. It’s like overnight she became such a brat again. I guess she’s reached the adolescence stage, but I didn’t expect it to be this hard! I’m a full-time grad student and all of my classes are online because of Covid, so we’re home together all day. Up until this week she was pretty good while I was in class, she’d play by herself or lay on the floor. If she got too rowdy, I could put her out on the porch and she’d be happy out there with no issues. But now she won’t leave me alone. She barks the whole time, sits at my desk and bites my leg if I ignore her, and just needs constant attention. And she even hates the porch now—she’ll just sit at the door and bark until I let her in. And I really can’t just ignore her/let her bark it out because my roommate is still asleep while I’m in class.

She’s getting plenty of exercise. We go to my apartment’s dog park at least three times a day. After a playtime she used to nap for at least two hours, but now I’m lucky if she’ll lay down for 30 minutes. I just can’t constantly be taking her out to the park or on a walk because I’m in class all morning and then I have work to do. I want her to be happy, and I’m worried that she won’t be if I don’t play with her 24/7. I’m getting so frustrated. How do I get her to entertain herself again??

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