Dog won’t accept meals if fed by hand

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Hi all, I’m having some issues with my new cane corso puppy. From the time we brought him home at 8 weeks he would never really be interested in eating by hand. I read that it was a good way to bond with your pup and so I gave it a shot and he just sniffed my hand that had some kibble in it and walked away. However as soon as I dump med the kibble from my hand into the bowl, he’ll go straight to it. I tried this a 1-2 times the day we brought him home and no success so I just started feeding him from his bowl in his crate to immediately get the crate training going.

Now at 10 weeks I really want to start doing it again as I’ve been reading some more about the benefits. But I tried it again last night and he’s just… disinterested..again.. until I dump it in his bowl.

The breeder did have the litter weened off the mother and the litter ate from a communal bowl of kibble, so I wonder if for his whole life he’s been able to eat whenever, however, me feeding him by hand is not really his thing.

Would be great if I could figure this out to bond some more with my puppy aside from training, and I only ever see people having problems with dogs not eating from bowls vs hands.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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