Dog will not come inside, craves the attention.

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As it says in the title. I'll let the dog outside to pee and she will not want to come inside, She seems to crave attention positive or negative so attempting to call her, or even scold I think reinforces that she likes refusing to come inside. She's a puppy mill dog and hasn't really liked to come near us ever since we got her except in specific scenarios (I.E. her bed or similar place of comfort), so Coercing her in with treats or similar just doesn't work because she'll come near and then run away. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Edit: We have always praised and given a treat every time she has come inside, Initially a harness with a lead she dragged taught her she cant refuse to come in. but our yard was changed recently which allows her to run in circles around our garage so grabbing the leash is near impossible now and she knows it. (When we were able to grab the leash she would come in on her own with the knowledge i would grab her if she didnt.)

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