Dog will not come back into the house in the morning

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I need some advice or tips from anyone that may have experienced this same situation in the past. Our dog (4-5 year old female husky mix that was a rescue) will not come back into the house when we let her and our other dog out to go pee in the morning. She was fine when we first got her (December 2019) but ever since about a month before we started working from home in March, she does not like to or want to come back into the house in the morning. She sometimes acts like she wants to but will not. She eventually will come in of her own free will around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon but sometimes I have to grab her by the collar to drag her in. I sometimes will put the harness and leash on her when she goes out incase we absolutely have to leave early in the morning.

We have tried luring her back in with treats, toys, being playful but nothing works for an extended period of time. Our other dog (4-5 year old male GSD/husky mix) has no issues coming in. We had him before our female dog. We have never disciplined her when she came in so it should not be a fear of coming into the house. The only thing I can think of is she associates coming back into the house in the morning with both me and my wife leaving because that is what we used to do. We would let the dogs out, feed them, get ready for work, let them out one more time and then leave for the day. She does seem to get very anxious sometimes when we get ready to leave the house.

She does come back into the house in the morning when it is raining. She does not like getting wet. Please, if anybody has any suggestions I will try anything. If anyone wants more information or details about something specific that may help with their advice, I am happy to provide it. Thanks!

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