Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

Pet Whisperer: Instructor Walks Pack Of Canines Without A Leash
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FULFILL leader of the pack Augusto Deoliveira, that can walk significant groups of released German Guard canines obediently at his heels. The wonderful pet trainer, 23, is a web feeling and turns heads anywhere he goes – at the head of massive packs of pets. Augusto resides in Hyannis, USA, yet matured bordered by canines on a ranch in Brazil where he uncovered he might lead teams of pet dogs with training. Now he's wowing Americans as he walks through their communities and cities showing off the amazing task. Augusto lives, takes a breath as well as sleeps with pet dogs as the head of his firm Lion Shepherd Kennels. At the training stoops where he lives, he asserts to be able to lead approximately 15 free-walking pets at the exact same time.

Videographer/ Director: Laurentiu Garofeanu
Producer: Liam Miller
Editor: Ian Phillips/ Sonia Estal

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80 thoughts on “Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

  1. tiaredancer

    The dogs look shut down. Lowered heads, ears back, slinking walk. And
    wearing prong collars. 🙁 It is so sad to see dogs that have no life to
    them, no spirit. A telltale sign about how they were trained is that they
    never look up at the handler. They exhibit fear. They are like walking
    ghosts of what once were dogs.

    1. integra t

      Dude, that is total submission.. not one dog showed fear. Learn to read the
      body language correctly before saying an opinion which is false

    2. Listen Up

      integra t YOU are the one who is mistaken. Those dogs are cowering and
      fearful. Not well trained at all. Google “Jenny Gould Obedience
      Championships Crufts 2013”. THAT is how a happy well trained GSD should

    3. integra t

      Dude, follow the guy on Facebook, he is posting a lot of video’s and it’s
      insane how well behaved these dogs are … and you can see on some video’s
      how he does things.

      don’t believe everything journalists writes. Follow the guy and you’ll see
      for yourself

      One of his last video’s was him feeding his whole pack while throwing the
      food to each dog individually… not one growed or anything.
      Believe me, the guy does it the correct way and he is really good at it

    4. Listen Up

      integra t You are missing my point… they are scared of him. They are
      exhibiting classic fear reactions to his commands. That is what i meant by
      not well trained. They are well behaved but his training methods are poor.
      I am a dog trainer myself, so it is obvious to me he has *over*-corrected
      these dogs to get them to do what he wants.
      Not how i like to see a dog work.
      That is why i said google Jenny Gould above.
      Have you done that yet?
      You will see a big difference in the way her GSD works.

    5. integra t

      If you interprate the behaviour of the dogs as being “scared of him”, then
      I would surely advice you to take some new lessons… cuz if you say you
      are a dog trainer, you should see that these dogs are totally not affraid
      of him. I don’t know where you see that, but you interprate the behaviour
      completely wrong

      Not one is scared of him.

      when i walk my dogs they walk next to me the same way … the way it should

  2. theguythatcould

    what a jackass. he used shock collars. the dogs were trained that if they
    passed him that they would get shocked. they didn’t respect the owner, they
    just feared being shocked.

    1. Moody Bloom

      Wait is this true?? I think it’s amazing how they are so well trained.. but
      I wonder how he trains them and if he abuses them..

    2. Ryukey

      + Tesla Nick
      “Its about communication, not positive feedback” means its not only about
      positive feedback its about all forms of communication including positive
      and negative feedback. Thats how categorization works. “Man this Mercedes
      is really good, it gives me the freedom to travel around” – “No it not
      about Mercedes, its just cars.”

      Also learn how to make an argument. Your comment isnt a reasoned one, after
      you “correct me” you just put forth your positive claim with no reason to
      it or relevence. If you’re going to comment to me, rebutt my comment. If
      you want to put forth a new line of reasoning start a new discussion.

    3. Tesla Nick

      *’ “Its about communication, not positive feedback” means its not only
      about positive feedback’*
      I never claimed it did. Making your whole argument a strawman.

    4. Ryukey

      +Tesla Nick

      Thats just an instinctive lie to weasel your way out. I know its a lie
      because you followed it up with “Positive feedback IS communication” – why
      would you say that otherwise.

      Regardless, that wasn’t my whole argument. My whole argument was that I
      hate people that dont counter anything but instead just sput their point of
      view. If infact you did “never claim it did” then you were just spouting
      “your” point view without even finding an error in mine. Thats just
      proselytizing . So you’re either a proselytizer, or a Hollywood debater
      trying to weasel out of things.

    5. Tesla Nick

      *’Thats just an instinctive lie to weasel your way out.’*
      Wrong. You’ve made assumptions about me that are wrong It’s that simple.
      All I was pointing out is that your statement:
      *’Its about communication, not possitive feedback.’*
      Is nonsense as positive feedback IS communication. Maybe I should have
      written it in the form of a question:
      *’What’s positive feedback if it isn’t communication ?’*
      We communicate stuff to dogs we’re not even aware of and in a variety of
      ways; luring/hand signals/corrections/markers/voice
      cues/whistles/e-collars/pinch collars/leashes/check chains etc.

      Augusto’s methods are horribly unfair on the dogs and he has horrible
      practices at his kennels and this video vividly shows the results you get
      with highly aversive, harmful, inhumane training methods and has no skill
      at all when it comes to handling dogs. My dogs don’t follow me around
      dragging their chins on the floor ffs.
      Mine also turn and look at me in the eye when I issue a command instead of

    1. Crud Muffin

      +manuela redding Yeah, expression, because every dog is the exact same am I
      right? Look, you’re accusing this guy of abusing his dogs based on their
      expressions rather than actually asking him. If this wasn’t a YouTube
      comment I’d call it defamation.

    2. manuela redding

      +Crud Muffin these dogs are stressed and unhappy. Look this guy up and see
      that there are bad reports about him. And that is it

    3. ƐƖєgαηт OωƖ

      +Crud Muffin People see what they want and instantly become dog psychology
      experts. Notice how I asked for a citation, and no one has given me one.

    4. Crud Muffin

      +ƐƖєgαηт OωƖ I know, it’s ridiculous. I love the internet for its multitude
      of thoughts, but that also means we get people like, well…

    1. Roz Sa

      as if german shepherds aren’t scary? I have five and the principle reason I
      can’t let them off the leash in the park is because people feel intimidated.

  3. Tesla Nick

    Sad, very sad to see. All dogs carrying themselves low, ears back, tales
    tucked – all tell tale signs of abusive training methods.
    This guy is a well known abuser.

    1. Vina Carissa

      i agree that hitting dogs are totally wrong, but if your just let your dog
      do everything they like it will make difficulties for you. even us have to
      know that there are rules and consequences in this world, and with dogs you
      have to speak with their language, not with human words. remember they are
      animals, do not try to humanize them. but don’t ever hit or shock your dog,
      just be firm. because I see a lot of spoiled dog and i think that is just

    2. Its Serg Yo

      I read about dog behavior on the site provided by Clorox Bleach… and it
      says when a dog is fearful or scared their tails are rolled inward the body
      like under the legs that you cant see it…. and if the tail is just
      hanging down away slightly away from the body then it means that they are
      calm and relaxed just like how the guy said his dogs were in the video….
      im just making sure so people dont get confused

    3. Tesla Nick

      +Its Serg Yo
      None of these dogs is calm or relaxed. Look again and notice their tales
      are tucked in, not loose as you claim.

  4. LittleSweden

    A well behaved dog is definately not proof of a good trainer. Anyone who
    knows dog behaviour should be able to tell that these dogs have been forced
    into obedience, and this “trainer” is just an abusive guy who think’s he is
    cool for having that many dogs.
    Sly stop with this ceasar millan bullshit and train WITH your dog instead
    of against it. A dog should do as you tell them to because they want to,
    not because it has to

    1. OSP K9

      Amanda Thorsell I went back and watched the video 4 more times, and I’m not
      seeing what you’re describing at all, other than one instance somewhere
      around the 1:30 mark when the dogs are laying down and one slightly starts
      to get up, and it’s tail is absolutely tucked pretty tight. BUT, playing
      Devil’s advocate, it could be as if it’s just trying to be sneaky and/or
      unsure of what’s being asked (timid), it’s just way too short of a clip to
      be able to say definitively.

      Also, some of the things you listed aren’t definitive of avoidance
      behavior/evidence of aversion styled training. They’re inclusive in the
      list of “what to look for” per se, but they aren’t definitive in display
      solely by themselves. Many of those must be in conjunction alongside other
      behaviors/signs in order to be considered ‘valid’.

      Now, don’t get me wrong, I can’t say with 100% certainty that what he does
      isn’t akin to the old Koehler style trainers (severe corrections/abuse).
      But, judging by everything seen here, I can say with certainty that he’s
      definitely not on the “deep end” of the aversion spectrum, otherwise it’d
      be IMMEDIATELY evident. He’s probably more of a semi-balanced trainer
      (because one thing that IS evident is the prong collars, so we can
      obviously rule out R+ training).

      Im not trying to be offensive or anything like that, just making note so
      that may others see this maybe weigh in with their thoughts as well. 🙂

    2. OSP K9

      I posted that last part before seeing your first reply. I agree completely
      with that first reply minus one thing:

      All my foundation work for heeling is done inside (puppy stages around
      11-12 week’ish). I start them by working on the finish (going around my
      back from tbe right and sitting on my left) to tag them being on my left
      side is a tasty thing to do. Then, from there, I start taking three or four
      steps using a lure above their heads and feeding them immediately once they
      move with me those couple steps (trying to kill 2 via with one stone: 1-
      free heeling 2- looking at me while moving).

      So, if I were to beat the hell out of my dog and helicopter them around and
      punish them Koehler style, it’d most likely syst in my house. Hehehe
      (Disclaimer: I don’t beat the hell out of my dogs or helicopter them or go
      all Koehler style on them.) Haha

    3. Amanda Thorsell

      Nathan White Don’t worry you’re not coming off as offensive!
      I definitely agree, he doesn’t seem to be as bad as some trainers are, but
      I still think it’s important to point out even the small signs of
      discomfort so that people will recognize them and realise when a training
      method doesn’t suit a dog, and it’s a pet peeve of mine to see less than
      ideal training being praised (I blame Cesar Millan and Clinton Anderson for
      that one)

  5. Frank Buster

    I hate the people that when your trying to walk your dog and your being
    strict they just pet your dog and it gets all happy and excited

    1. kalkazar13

      That isn’t true. All cops have a soft spot for German Shepards. Every cop
      I’ve met has at least one colleague who’s been saved by police dog backup.

      A couple of them saved my own German Shepard when she was kidnapped and
      escaped her kidnappers two states away from where I live. They found her by
      the side of the road and she hopped right into their squad car.

      There may be some trigger-happy policemen out there, but they’ll always
      have a soft spot for those dogs

    2. Awesome Sauce

      Sim Jie as soon as the police see the dog they just shoot because they have
      a gun that’s the only thing that I hate about cops

    1. Caitlyn Adams

      agnidipta hom roy He does abuse them, he even has videos of him doing it on
      Facebook. One video shows one of his own dogs attacking a puppy and he
      didn’t do a thing to stop it. He also has another video showing one of his
      dogs locked in a crate and him jabbing a stick into its side. Not to
      mention that he is using prong collars. If that isn’t abuse, then I don’t
      know what is. There have also been reports of people buying puppies from
      him, and the puppies dying soon after. All I know is that I will never buy
      a dog from him or get my dog trained from him.

    2. Jessop

      random commenter You obviously haven’t seen this “trainer” exposed, he is
      so cruel to the dogs. Look it up.

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