Dog started peeing in the house when guests come over.

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I have a 14 month Australian Shepherd which we have had since 9 weeks of age. He has been completely housebroken since about 5 or 6 months of age. He is not neutered. His daily activity typically includes 5 walks a day and about 30 minutes of high-intensity exercise (mainly fetch).

Starting about a couple of weeks ago when we started having guests over we noticed that he will occasionally urinate in the house. It will typically occur at a point when we’re watching a movie or not otherwise giving him attention. He will then seem to walk away and just pee randomly on the floor. He doesn’t sniff or lift his leg when he does this. He just seems to wander off and pee randomly.

He does get super excited when guests come over, but this is typically after they have been over for a while. It also seems to happen when everyone has stopped giving him attention.

Thanks for any help and ideas! We have a baby on the way in 3 months which will mean we will have a new little one, but also several guests coming and going and this is making us very nervous.

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