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My fiancé and I adopted my Pomeranian-Bichon mix almost two years ago. She spent the first three years of her life in a crate basically 24/7. She was not socialized at all and has no idea how to play with toys. When we got her, she was also not house trained and we spent the first month basically trying to potty train her and were pretty successful. She got to the point where she would only reactive pee if she got very excited. We tried to work on that, but we kinda just accepted that was a part of her and tried to not get her excited.

Flash forward to now. We moved almost three months ago and since then, she seems to have regressed completely. This isn’t her first move with us, so I’m not sure why she reacting to this one so strongly. She refuses to listen to basic commands like sit unless there’s food involved, barks at us for no reason, and most annoyingly, is peeing in the house again. Every day we come home to a new pee stain in the same area. We’ve tried bleaching it, covering her pee scent, walking her more, and she still does it. She gets three walks a day, with a long one in the evenings so I don’t think she’s not being walked enough. She gets lots of love and attention as well.

We’ve been treating her when she pees now to try to retrain her, but she seems to make it her mission to pee inside at least once a day. We’re frustrated with this and all the behaviors that have gotten worse and have no idea what to do anymore. Any advice?

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