Dog refusing his kibble, the impact on training and best solution

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When I got my puppy (who is currently 9 months old), I switched his kibble soon after getting him, to a brand I believed to be better. The puppy enjoyed this and ate it at meal times no issue but he refused to take it as a training treat. For quite a long time I used higher value food for training. In the end I decided I wanted to only use his kibble as I was training him a lot and I did not want to end up with a fat dog and a large food bill. I switched his kibble maybe 2-3 months ago and he only ate during training throughout the day with any kibble left over being put in a bowl for him at night. This was fine, occasionally some family and friends might have given him a bit of higher value food but this didn’t seem to affect him.

Unfortunately, the last week or so he was ill requiring sedation at the vet and a course of medication and to get him to take the meds I ended up using quite a lot of high value stuff as well as mixing it in with his food. He also wasn’t in a state to train so I was just feeding him his kibble at set intervals normally and not doing any training.

Now he’s fine he flat out refuses the kibble, if I ask a behaviour then present him with it as a reward, he will spit it out. If I put it in his bowl with some high value meat mixed in, he will just lick the meat off the kibble and leave it.

Things I’m considering or have been recommended by people…

Starve him, nothing at all till he will take the kibble again Change his kibble another time and cut out all high value stuff Change to a raw diet and use some liver / dehydrated raw meat for training

Anyone had similar experience? What worked for you? Any ideas and opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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