Dog recently started defecating and urinating at night?

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This is a recent development. He did it last week, but we think that’s because he couldn’t do it during one of the three walks during the day. He did it again a couple days ago and then again last night. This lines up with us changing his food, could this just be because of the change in diet or is there another behavioral issue we should be weary of?

He might be doing it as soon as we close the bedroom door at night (he sleeps in the living room) because last night I came back out to get water and he looked SUPER guilty as if he was about to do it, but I might just be projecting. Another thing to note is he always does it right next to the front door.

EDIT: Also for further information he’s a 2 year old retriever mix and we’ve had him since Christmas, up until now he’s been very good about holding it in until we take him out in the morning.

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