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I have a really sweet dog who listens very well and who I love training with. I consider her pretty well trained, but there’s one issue I just can’t seem to curb.

I got my dog when she was already an adult (5-ish the precise age wasn’t known) so have no clue about her socialization. What I do know is that she seems overly excited to meet other dogs. Training helped immensely at first, but she kind of hit a ceiling. She doesn’t react immediately anymore, but if the dog is too close (say 5 meters away) she tries lunging at them and nothing seems to help with this.

She wants to play with every dog she meets and doesn’t seem scared of the other dog at all, but I’ve noticed she isn’t just in a playful mood. Her hackles are always raised and she has a very forward leaning stance with ears pricked up whenever she first smells them. She’s never bitten, growled or did anything like that, but seeing her like that always makes me a bit wary that she might with a different dog. My question is if anyone knows how to handle this in the right way? Thanks!

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