Dog potty training seems to be reversing

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My dog (11 months, Samoyed) has been fully potty trained since he was about six months old. We recently had a wild snowstorm that has made it impossible to get into our backyard (which he had free range of and able to be off leash). The snow is too much to shovel out and he would now be able to walk over the fence, so I walk him around the neighborhood much more frequently now to ensure he gets his exercise and is able to use the bathroom. He pees just fine, however, he refuses to poop on his leash and he won't even let me know when he has to go. I've tried to take him for longer walks, rewarding him the few times he has pooped while on leash, using a longer 20ft leash as opposed to his standard walking leash, and trying to catch him when he is looking for a spot to poop in the house. When he had pooped outside it's been tedious. He will pace around the same spot for upwards of 20 minutes before he poops. Its not because he doesn't like the outdoors or the cold elements because he LOVES the outside and the snow (he's a Samoyed).

Any advice will help!

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