Dog plays with puppy but not me or toys

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We have a 2 year male old cockapoo that we’ve had since he was 10 weeks old. He’s always been a bit more nervous than other dogs I’ve had but has always been playful. He has a couple toys in particular he would always bring to me to play with. We got a female cockapoo about 2 months ago. At first he really didn’t care for her and became a bit depressed but after a couple weeks they started to play together and lay together pretty often. She does annoy him, as puppies do, but he has never reacted overly aggressively with her. I have noticed however that he won’t play with me or any of the toys he used to play with. A lot of the time she instigates playtime with him rather than the other way around. He still snuggles me and my fiancé and wags his tail pretty often, I’ve just noticed the lack of interest in toys or play with me and my fiancé. He used to chew bones pretty often but doesn’t do that much either. Just worried he may be depressed as he is still pretty young.

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