Dog peeing on the corridor of the building

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Hello there! We got a corgi five days ago. He's 2 months old. We are working on many things, mainly staying calm in different situations, learning not to pull while on the leash and going to the bathroom outside. Generally speaking he's learning fast. But we found an issue. We live in the 8th floor, everytime he gives signals of going to the bathroom I carry him downstairs, clicking and rewarding if he does his business downstairs. After a walk he always comes back walking on his own, but starting yesterday (he did it three times), he doesn't pee downstairs. He waits till we are on our corridor and does everything he needs there, obviously I don't reward this behavior. We think he does that because he thinks that he's doing it out of the house. I'm afraid carrying him back would end up on him peeing in the apartment. Any suggestions on how to address this new issue? Thanks!

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