Dog peeing on the bed. What exactly is she trying to tell us?

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Okay, so she's a small 4-y-o mix, possibly dachshund blood in there, very hyperactive, very loud, neverending energy. She's house-trained, we take her out to pee three times a day, but if she really needs to go, she goes in the bathroom.

However, she sometimes straight out pees on my mother's bed. She knows that's a bad thing because she goes and hides after it. She often sleeps at the foot of that bed too, so it makes little sense why she would pee somewhere she sleeps.

I spent the last year away from home and my mother told me that while I was away, our dog didn't do that even once, but as soon as I came back last month, it started again.

I can't help but think it's some kind of gesture.

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