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Adopted a wonderful pitbull about 2 months ago, have had almost no problems with him since he came home with us. He is a neglect case and is just happy to be around us. He is responsive, and has learned “come,” “sit,” and “up”. He’s just a good dog.

He’s never had people try to help him understand human norms, and I understand that. He’s a jumper, he might jump up on someone and when he’s corrected he will not jump again.

I’ve taken him to the dog park twice. Both times we left within 20 minutes. First time he nipped a dog, just an hour ago he nipped a person. Not out of aggression mind you, seems like he is playing. He also gets worked up and jumps all over people while there.

I don’t think the solution is to avoid the dog park, the solution is to help him learn some manners.

Would you all suggest getting a trainer? Or is there a resource you would specifically suggest to teach me how to teach him? I am a novice dog owner that just wants to do right by my new pooch.

Disclaimer: I did read the sidebar.

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