Dog ONLY barks from the back of the moving truck

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My stinky fur baby loves to ride in the back of my truck, he gets excited for the ride more than a walk.

It started out with a few puppy howls around 6 months, we’re at 9 months and now he won’t stop barking. When the truck stops he sits perfectly patient in the back, quiet and observing the strangers but as soon as we start moving he’s halfway out of the truck, barking at nothing and scares people going by.

I don’t know how to stop him. I’ve even tried to ban rides in the truck bed and he sits fine in the cab of the truck as we trained him that the window won’t come down if he barks or whines BUT he sheds hair all over and I have a perfectly rhino lined truck bed for him to ride in. Help me, it drives everyone crazy and I’m worried he’s going to roll out.

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