Dog not peeing in diaper but pees in the house

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I have a senior dog that the vet claims may have dementia. We got this diagnosis due to her extreme anxiety and soiling herself when I'd leave the house, room, etc. So we got her on some meds and some natural remedies like the diffuser, calming treats, lots of stuff when her diagnosis was just separation anxiety. The meds helped for a while, but then her separation anxiety came back even stronger so we completely ditched that cocktail and went the dementia route. She's only on one anti anxiety med now, has a prescription diet for neuro care and is still on the all natural remedies (dap diffuser near her crate, calming chews, and melatonin). Since the dementia diagnosis, I also started putting her in diapers. She was a street dog before I got her and along with the separation anxiety peeing/pooping, she also marked incessantly so I was constantly cleaning up pee messes and my washing machine couldn't keep up. Since she's been in diapers, her messes in the diapers have gone down dramatically. She used to have multiple accidents a day to now maybe 1 or 2 a week during her typical anxiety times (ie when I'm not at home). She started to get some diaper rash in the crease of her inner thigh recently. Since I'd let her roam diaper free several times after her accidents tapered down, I thought I'd let her go diaper free for a few days til the skin got better. Not even 24 hrs later, she's peeing in the house again. This has also happened before when I trusted her to be diaper free. She'll be fine for a while but then will start to have accidents in the house and/or marking messes. When she's diaper free, she'll have "accidents" outside of her typical accident behavior. For example, I'll be home, in the same room as her, and she'll randomly pee in her crate. When she's in a diaper, she would typically only have an accident if I was gone for the day at work, and I'd see it in her diaper when I came home.

So why does she have more accidents on average when not wearing a diaper than when she's wearing one?

And yes, I check the diapers each time I remove them. She hardly has accidents in them.

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