Dog nipped/punctured flank of other dog during play. Should I be worried?

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I have a 16 month german shepherd who LOVES to play, especially with other dogs. We've been doing over a year of ongoing group training classes but, admittedly, she's still a handful and gets overexcited during play or new environments. She's been going to daycare weekly since 4 months old, so playing with other dogs at daycare isn't new. However, our daycare told me today that she nipped the flank of another dog and punctured their side. That is the first time our dog has bitten another dog. According to people at daycare, it wasn't aggressive and she didn't really know what she did- she just wanted to continue playing. The other dog also didn't seem to be scared or shy away from my dog after the incident. They chalked it up to herding instincts, but did warn that if it happens more then we'll be dismissed from the daycare. We really like the daycare and our dog loves it there.

She's my first dog and I devote 2-3 hours of training/play/exercise every day. Should I be worried about this? Is there something I can do to train her from doing that again?

Thanks in advance!

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