Dog lunging is getting progressively more harmful.

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Let me preface this by saying I understand I cannot change the behavior of a dog that I don't see nor own, but I want to avoid future situations.

My cousin rescued a dog a little over a year ago, between her and her husband the dog just adores them and cannot do any wrong in their eyes. The trouble comes when they bring their dogs go outdoor family functions. I understand that large crowds can trigger anxious behaviors and make the dog nervous, but how do I avoid becoming the dogs personal chew toy?

It gets to the point where even walking past her minding your own business she'll lunge and snarl and even bite you. I've recently had her tear my jacket because I was too close to her. On a separate occasion my brother was bitten and she broke skin. Big dog or not. I grew up with pets where this behavior wasn't tolerated.

Help what do I do to avoid being mauled the next encounter?

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