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Last night my 1yo red heeler pit mix Rue (f spayed) latched onto a friends (f spayed) 11 y/o red heeler mix Tosh. It happened so fast I'm not even sure what happened. But once Tosh came into the home my dog got really upset and latched onto her, it was so scary and it took two people to pry her mouth open (I realize now that's not the way to break up a dog fight).

Rue has been aggressive to another older F dog once before, but after lots of walks together and a slow introduction they became friends. I don't have many other dogs in my space because I live alone. She loves dog parks and has become very good at respecting boundaries when things get too rough.

Was this a territorial thing? The two dogs have met before in a neutral space and got along great and Rue had PLENTY of exercise before Tosh came into the house.

The whole thing was really scary, and no one was hurt thankfully. But I REALLLLYYYY don't want that to happen again? Any ideas on what caused the reaction? or how to deal with pit lock jaw and aggression? How can I prevent this behavior from happening?

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