Dog keeps going to his bed when I talk to him

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My dog is anxious around me and does submissive peeing. I no longer say anything when it happens, I just clean it up silently. Now I have realized that he also associates me with needing to be in his bed.

Awhile ago we taught him that while we eat he should wait nicely in his bed so that we can eat in peace and bring him a treat after. He now thinks that I need him to be in his bed whenever I am around. How do I correct this so that he can feel comfortable around me? He seems to feel much more secure when he is on his leash, since he associates that with walks. I was wondering if there is a way to take advantage of that.

Also, what is the term for this? When a dog takes a specific rule and interprets it to be a general one? I know there is a psychological term for this type of over-generalization, but I cannot think of it and it is killing me.


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