Dog keeps going in and out of crate? Am I doing this right?

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One of my dogs is very, VERY food motivated. We’ve recently started crate training her.

She’s gotten to the point where she has no problem going inside the crate. And she knows that going inside the crate means getting a treat.

Well, she’s started gaming the system. Now she’s going in and out of the crate every 5 seconds so she can keep getting treats. I know we’re supposed to be consistent with this, so now I’m practically doing sit-ups throughout the day to get up and give her treats. Although sometimes she hangs out in the crate longer

Am I doing this right? How do we progress? Do I keep treating her every single time she goes into crate?

She doesn’t really rest inside the crate yet, but she does like to sleep right in front of it (as I write this she is sleeping, with her back touching the opening of the crate)

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