Dog keeps attempting to chase cats and I’m not sure how to break them of it in our new smaller house.

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I have only had my doggo since June 19th. She was cat tested by the rescue and only showed interest in the cat she was introduced to.

My cats are 6.5. The dog is 3. Today she got into my sisters room where the cat’s were (it’s an old house and the door doesn’t click shut) and started barking and chasing the cats everywhere in the room. This dog NEVER barks either so it was a bit alarming. I couldn’t get to her immediately bc I broke my toe yesterday and am stuck in bed. My sister was taking garbage out. So my dog had maybe 30-45 seconds before I could get to her.

The cats are fine. We started introducing them at the old place through a gate, and then with no gate but the dog on the leash. Eventually she would settle down and just stare at the cats.

I’m not sure the best way to try introducing them now that she’s had this chase episode. It doesn’t help matters that I can barely walk or stand right now so all the pet care is falling to my sister.

I don’t think it’s aggression. If she wanted to do damage to the cat’s she would have. But I don’t want to have to keep them separate forever, my cat misses hanging out with me and his cries make me so sad.

I don’t know where to start. The move was very stressful. She’s been doing so well with other training aspects. She’s receptive to learning new commands. But she also still doesn’t have the best impulse control. I’m not about to rehome a dog bc of a few setbacks.

Any advice or resources are appreciated

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