Dog is peeing in house again. Need advice

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Hi everyone, I've posted here before about my older dog reverting back with her anxiety. Well it got better and shes making such great strides and were so proud of her! Lately, however we've ran into another issue. Shes been peeing/pooping in the house while we're home. Before she would only do this when we weren't home and I just dont understand why. Recently, due to where I work and the outbreak, we've deep cleaned the house and it seems like after that my dog began to exhibit these behaviors. Shes had multiple 'accidents' in the house the past 4 days since we've cleaned it and I just really need advice.

Could it be bc the house doesnt smell like her anymore? Is she remarking her territory? How do I help with this? -side note- we are taking her on walks her more often due to the suggestions made last time, shes also getting more stimulation and socialization with other dogs (but will be haunted due to the current circumstances)

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