Dog is all of a sudden having anxiety between 3am-6am

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My dog has all of a sudden started having severe anxiety between 3am-6am every morning.

He starts panting heavily, panting, pacing. The only other time we have had him act like this is when he is around fireworks. His routine hasn't changed, he has a dog door he uses so it's not that he needs to go out.

I'm currently sitting with him in the living room. He goes from cuddling me, to panting, and then to panting and pacing, then trying to burrow (he pushes stuff around with his nose). He also has been grabbing his dog food and leaving it in little piles around the house then "covering" them (he just uses noses them as if he is covering them). We haven't seen him do that since he was first rescued.

I'm not sure why hes doing this, so I dont know how to fix it. This has been going on for two nights so far this week.

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