Dog is a champion weeper – how can we discourage this?

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Asking for help de-conditioning our dog from weeping at the back door. He is communicating effectively that he wants to come inside, but hearing him weep for up to 30 minutes is tedious. He is in no physical pain or discomfort – he just wants to join us in the kitchen.

How can I redirect his attention before he starts weeping, or communicate that weeping will not result in him coming inside? I know not to 'reward' the weeping with either letting him come inside or telling him to be hush, but I'm almost at my wits' end trying to figure out a solution.

More background: our 5 year old catahoula/jack russell mutt only has two speeds: zero or 100,000,000. He's a good dog overall, he just has no chill. He is also an indoor/outdoor dog. When the weather is nice, he spends most workdays in our fenced backyard with a dog house, food, water, and plenty of neighborhood things to bark at. When we're home, he is often inside with us. However, there are times when I need him outside, like when I'm feeding my toddler dinner or cleaning the kitchen. If he is inside those times, he is too hyped (pacing, spinning in circles from excitement, getting underfoot, trying to insert himself in the middle of whatever's going on). I put him outside in the yard, but he posts up next to the glass door, looks in at us, and weeps incessantly. It can get really annoying, in addition to being counterproductive to his goal of getting let back in.

What can I do to discourage the weeping? Is this separation anxiety? It feels more like FOMO from him, but I'm open to any diagnosis if it will help our dog chill out.

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