Dog imitates baby

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Kinda adorable!:-RRB-.
* Note: I am not the maker of this video clip nor do I take credit rating for it. It was emailed me as a documents accessory and also I loved it a lot that I put it on YouTube. I 'd like to provide credit history to the owner, as well as it was recommended that the canine's name is Mishka which the initial owner's YouTube account is gardea23. Nevertheless, after close assessment and also after not seeing this video in any way in the gardea23 collection, I found that although the 2 pet dogs are really comparable in appearance, the pet in this video is NOT Mishka. The 2 pet dogs have various markings too. If any individual could genuinely uncover that the owner/creator of this video is, I will offer complete debt to that/those person/persons. Likewise, there are a choose "couple of" unaware individuals that have commented right here that think I obtain money because of ads that show up on this video. I am not making any kind of loan in any way with YouTube, neither do I wish to. The only method to do so is to participate in the "YouTube Partner Program" which I do refrain, nor am I inclined to ever before do. To clarify, in the case of this video clip, if you see an advertisement it is since there was a "claim" by somebody in Japan for the audiovisual web content below. And YouTube locations THEIR ads below indiscriminately without checking out or confirming if the claim is true. So, the ads you see here are NOT mine as well as I get NO loan at all. Zilch! Absolutely nothing! Not a penny!

ADDENDUM: It was given my attention that YouTube user danm923 might be the owner of the original video clip, yet I have actually discovered 3 users with the same video clip, and in each case, it's the ONLY video they have on their channel, danm923 included. In each case the description is the same … "10 month old Lexi singing with her pet Angel". One of these goes way back to 2008, four years ago. So in light of this I've inboxed/messaged all 3 individuals asking every one if they are in reality the owner of the initial video clip. Will wait on replies and afterwards provide credit history where debt is due when I discover that truth owner of the video clip is.

53 thoughts on “Dog imitates baby

  1. Revenge75

    Baby: wow ur cute Wana come over here I can’t move
    Dog: yeah yeah yeah no I don’t Wana
    Baby: I do your a puppy
    Dog: noooooooooowowowowowowoo
    Baby: my ears wawawawa!
    Baby: stop it!
    Baby: -_-

    1. Sneixx

      Are you serious? I think there is know conversation with those two. I hope
      you are just and baby having a chat Jesus!..

    1. Laurel R

      I think you are correct, unfortunately. the fact that 7000 people disagree
      with you is why so many children are bitten each year by dogs. That dog was
      not affectionate at all towards the baby. Understanding canine body
      language is important. The signals the dog is giving indicating discomfort
      & anxious- the high tail, ears back, stiff closed mouth when not howling,
      his body posture is stiff, lip licking, yawning, he keeps a little distance
      and looks away then moves away.

    2. Nick Cooke

      Baby screaming must have surely been a pain in his ears, whenever he howled
      I believe he was asking the owner to move the baby away. He probably didn’t
      attack him since he knew the baby was important for his human. He found
      himself in a quite uncomfortable place.

    1. Doug Griggs

      That’s ok. I speak fluent dog (OK, not really …… but let me flow with
      it …lol). Mr Husky is saying that baby said “I love you!!” Then the baby
      said, “and I get a big kick out of making ridiculous noises and hearing you
      howl your replies.”

  2. Blow-Up Bunny

    The dog seems less like he’s imitating the baby and more like he’s annoyed
    by the noise its making.

  3. Katy

    Unbelievable! I’ve been watching it over the past years and I can’t get
    enough of it! Beautiful dog and the cutest baby! Wonderful conversation,
    both ways!

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